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    Name: Jacki Stone   
    Classes: CP American Government and Economics
    What is Government and Economics?
    Government is the governing body of a nation, state, or community. 
    Economics is the branch of knowledge concerned with the
    production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.
    This semester we will explore the government and
    economy of the United States. 
    Credentials  BA Secondary Education (Social Studies)
                            Masters in Secondary Guidance
                   2nd Block      CP Econ First 9 Weeks & Gov't Second 9 Weeks
                    3rd Block      CP Econ First 9 Weeks & Gov't Second 9 Weeks
    About Mrs. Stone
    I attended Clemson University for my bachelor's and master's degrees. I have been teaching for 31 years at
    T.L. Hanna, and I have always loved teaching history. I have six grandchildren, and I love to spend time
    with all of my family. I also love the Clemson Tigers! I look forward to teaching and
    getting to know all of you this semester!