• Name: Mrs. Brown
     Mrs. J Brown's High Flying Jets 
    Code of Conduct:
    1. I will be respectful.
    2. I will be responsible.
    3. I will be read to learn.
    4. I will be safe.
    Please remind your child to come to school everyday with a "ready to learn" attitude.
    Please remember to sign your child's behavior report each night. 
    Word Wall Homework is completed nightly in your child's Homework Folder. 
    PLEASE remember that Daily Readers need to be read EACH  NIGHT (only ONE book per night) and that the reading log needs to be signed EACH NIGHT.  
    Please follow these steps for Daily Readers:
    1. Let your child do a "picture walk" through the story, making predictions about the story based on what they're seeing in the illustrations.
    2. Listen to your child read the story.  Help using the strategies on the reference guides when needed.
    3. Ask your student questions about what they read to check for comprehension.  Start with the basics - characters, setting, plot - then build to higher level questions - cause/effect, inference - and ALWAYS ask "why?/how do you know?"
    4. Model reading fluency by reading the story aloud for your child, following the words with your finger as you read.  This is another chance for your child to hear what a good reader sounds like.
     Word Wall Words
    * Family word of the week