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    Welcome to the Big V Third Grade! Hold on for the "Greatest Year of Your Life".  

    We will be expanding our mindset to reach our personal goals and exceed our expectations.  

    We will experience reading adventures in many genres, discover new strategies and develop into great readers.  

    We will study the treasures and history of South Carolina from the Native Americans, explorers, colonization, American Revolution, Civil War and Civil Rights Movements and discover the people who made us the beautiful state we live in today.  

    We will learn investigate and explore habitats, environments, matter, and electricity through the eyes of scientist.  

    As third grade mathematicians, we will learn to look at numbers in a variety of ways and prove our thinking with trial and errors.  We will begin with place value, addition, subtraction, and then learn to multiply and divide with fun and engaging strategies.  We will measure time, volume and even fractions.  

    Join us August 17 4-6pm for Meet the Teacher Night.   

    Growth Mindset


    Thank you,

    Connie Lewis 
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  • Reading Recommendations

    Posted by Connie Lewis on 10/18/2012
    Recommend a book to a friend.  What was the title of the book? Who was the author? Why would you recommend this book? 
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