Karen Yarborough
    Reading Recovery,
    and Leveled Literacy Intervention
  • Reading Recovery
    Reading Recovery is a one-on-one instructional intervention for first-time first graders who have difficulties learning to read. These students receive 30 minutes of instruction in reading and writing daily for 12 to 20 weeks. Every lesson incorporates learning about letter/sound relationships. Reading Recovery encourages comprehension and problem solving with print so that decoding is purposeful and students read fluently. The goal of the program is to bring these children's literacy skills within the average range of their peer's achievement.
    Here are the components of the Reading Recovery program....

    * Rereading Familiar Books: The student selects two or three books to reread. This helps build confidence in his/her abilities as well as providing the opportunity to read smoothly and with expression.

    * Independent Reading: An opportunity is given for the student to independently read text which was introduced to him/her in the previous day's lesson. This provides the teacher with information about the student strengths. The student will take this book home to read.

    * Letter and Word Activities: Magnetic Letters are often used to help the student learn about different patterns within words.

    * Writing: Each day the student is given the opportunity to write a story. The teacher provides assistance as it is needed. The story is then written again by the teacher on a small sentence strip. The story is cut into pieces and the child assembles it. This story is also sent home for the student to practice sequencing in the original order.

    * Reading of a New Book: The teacher selects a new book for the student. As the student attempts reading the book, the teacher is there to provide helpful questions or tips to try to help the student read the book independently.

    Prompts to help students think about the meaning of the story....
    - Did that make sense?
    - Look at the pictures and think about the story.
    - What happened in the story when ______?
    - What do you think it might be?
    - Did that sounds right?
    - Can you re-read that?
    - Can you say it another way?
    - What is another word that might fit here?