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    spinning earth

    Connie Roose
    Eighth Grade
    Science and GT Science
    *  BSEd  Middle School Education 
    University of Georgia  1990
    *  IMA (Interdisciplinary Master of Arts) Natural Sciences 
    University of South Carolina 1996
    *  Masters + 30 hours 
    Clemson University, Furman University, The Citadel,
    Presbyterian College, Erskine College,
    University of New York at Syracuse
    and Converse College
     *  National Board Certification 2014
     8th Grade Schedule
      Period/Block Time    Class
     1st Block 1st Period    8:10-8:55 Core
     2nd Period 8:55-9:40 Core                
    Individual Learning Time
     2nd Block 3rd Period 10:09-10:54 Related Arts
     4th Period 10:57-11:42 Related Arts   
     3rd Block 5th Period  11:46-12:33 Core
     6th Period 12:33-1:19 Core
                         Lunch 1:19-1:49 Core
     4th Block 7th Period 1:53-2:39 Core
     8th Period 2:39-3:29 Core
    Classroom Expectations
    1.  Be Respectful (people & property)
    2.  Be Where You Should Be
    3.  Be On Time
    4.  Be Ready to Work
    5.  Come Prepared
    Verbal Warning
    Lunch Detention
    Parent Contact
    After School
    Office Referral

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