• Lee Ann Porter

    *Special Services Department Leader
    *BS.Ed. in Special Education from VSU, Valdosta, GA
    *M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities from Clemson University
    *AVID trained
    *M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision from A.U.
    • Reading 8 Inclusion with Lee and Lister
    • Writing 8 Inclusion with Jones
    • Math 8 Inclusion with Watt
    • 8th Grade SOAR 
    About my class:
    I am excited about this year in Inclusion and SOAR. With meaningful study skills, strategies, organization and dedication all of our students can become soaring Eagles! The 8th grade SOAR class will focus on the following:
    • Re-teaching and review of concepts learned in 8th grade core classes
    • Assistance with organization and time-management
    • Facilitation of student accommodations in general education classes
    • Helpful strategies to help students perform at grade level
    Period Time Activity
    Breakfast 7:55-8:10
    Homeroom 8:10-8:15
    1st Period 8:19-9:10 SOAR
    2nd Period 9:14-10:05 Writing 8 with Jones
    3rd Period 10:09-11:00 Math 8 with Watt
    Lunch 11:15-11:45
    4th Period 11:49-12:40 Reading 8 with Lister
    5th Period 12:44-1:35 Planning
    6th Period 1:39-2:30 Reading 8 with Lee
    7th Period 2:34-3:25 Math 8 with Watt

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