• Robert Anderson Middle School (until summer 2018)  

    New Prospect Elementary School (after summer 2018)


    Mrs. Anne Routh Gosell

    Master of Education, 2009

    Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental, violin principal, 2004

    Fourteen years teaching Strings and Creative Music in Anderson District Five middle schools


    Robert Anderson Strings/Orchestra students:

    If you did not pick up a copy of the All-County audition exerpts the last week of school, then get yours from Mrs. Gosnell between 10 am and 11:30 am on June 8, 2018.

    All-Region audition music: The Scales and Etudes were handed out in May. There is to be more music released in August. Please see your Strings/Orchestra teacher in August for the rest of the music, if you plan to audition for All-Region. Also, you will need to complete your registration very close to the beginning of school, so if you plan to participate in All-Region, please do not wait until the end of August to let him know. (: 


    To my Robert Anderson family:

    I leave a piece of my heart with you. I have shared a large portion of my life with you, and I treasure the memories.

    Mr. Matthew Speer, who will be coming in the fall, was my sponsoring teacher when I was student teaching and finishing college to be able to become a teacher. He is energetic, and likes to have fun with his students. I think you will enjoy working with/learning from him. I have enjoyed working with him in the past. If circumstances allow, later in the year, I hope to be back occassionally to lend a hand with Strings after school. Good luck to each of you. 


    To my New Prospect community:

    I look forward to becoming part of life at New Prospect. I am excited for a new chapter in my story, and in the story of music at New Prospect. I so appreciate Mrs. Shaw's support as I have prepared to transition to New Prospect. She is an immensely talented woman. I am not coming to replace her; that cannot be done. I come with a completely different set of strengths than she has, and I look forward to using them to invest in the lives of the children who will soon be running Anderson and beyond. Happy summer!