8th Grade Science/Honors Physical Science - Mrs. Latimer

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    8th Grade Science / Honors Physical Science 
    Welcome to my webpage! I will be using this webpage to inform you of upcoming projects, quizzes, tests, notebook checks, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.
    Ariane Latimer
    (864) 260-5135
    WU Winthrop University Bachelor of Science in Biology
    CU Clemson University Masters in Arts of Teaching 
     A Day B Day
     1st Block 8:38-10:08 1st Block 8:38-10:08
     Planning 10:11-11:44 Planning 10:11-11:44
     3rd Block 11:44-12:34 / 1:04-1:44  3rd Block 11:44-12:34 / 1:04-1:44  
     4th Block 1:44-3:17  4th Block 1:44-3:17

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