Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science and Fast Track Science!

  • Classroom:
    Room 207
    Science Lab 208
    Phone Number:

    Mrs. McMann
    Clemson University Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education 
    Highly Qualified Middle Level Science
    Converse College GT Certification
    Advanced Training in AVID  
    International Baccalaureate Educator
    •  Daily Assignments are in Google Classroom (organized by Date). Parents should have their students log in to Google Classroom EVERY Day in order to know what  assignments the students had to complete that day, upcoming quizzes or  tests,Homework, etc. EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD SHOULD BE SHARING WITH  YOU CAN BE FOUND IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM! 
    •  All Students will have access to our new Science Textbook on line. 
    •  Students should be reviewing all Science work EVERY day in order to recall  information previously learned (due to the every other day schedule, they seem to  forget easily)
          • Locker: 7:50-8:10
          • HR/ILT: 8:10-8:35 
          • 1st Block A/B Day:  8:35-10:07
          • 2nd Block A/B Day: 10:11-11:43
          • 3rd Block Elective (5th Period A or B): 11:47-12:32 
          • Lunch: 12:32-1:02  
          • 3rd Block Elective (6th Period A or B): 1:02-1:47
          • 4th Block A/B Day: 1:51-3:21
          • Announcements and Begin Dismissal:  3:25-3:45