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    2nd: hutn4v

    4th: bb9fvw

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    Password: s3p3j

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    Name: Nicole Walgate   
    Classes: 7th Grade English/Language Arts
    Homeroom/Individual Learning Time (ILT) 8:10-8:35
    1st Block 8:35-10:09
    2nd Block 10:09-11:42
    Planning 11:46-12:31
    Lunch with Students 12:31-1:01 
    4th Block 1:53-3:21
    lockers, walkers, and then car riders 3:25
    busses 3:30
    Bachelor's of Arts in English Education from Clemson University
    Masters of Education from Southern Wesleyan University

    Where I’m From

    I am from horses and hunting, from watching cartoons on the couch on Saturday mornings and church at St. Michaels on Sunday mornings.

    I am from a kind, liberal, open-minded, and loving home, in a neighborhood in Greenville to seven acres of pasture land with JR and Chief in TR.

    I am from magnolia trees whose fragrant blooms filled the air while making mud pies under the trees massive limbs.

    I am from the creeks who would whisper to me to come and cool off from the hot summer days.

    I am from the Boxcar Children books and homemade vanilla ice cream on the back porch, from Holland, Parker, Schnathorst, and Dettwiler.

    I am from Thanksgiving at Grandma Holland’s house in Florence with biscuits and creamed corn and loud and laughing relatives.

    I am from Peace Be With You, field peas, sweet tea, and pecan pies, from the Holland boys all playing baseball and going to the Citadel.

    I am from my little pillow, twenty-five hour road trips to South Dakota, Clemson games, and weeks at the beach in the summer.