•     Name: Sherri Childs 
       Classes:   8th Science  and  Fast Track Honors Physical Science
      Credentials:  BA Clemson University + 18 hours Secondary  Education - Natural Sciences, Middle School Science, Elementary, GT Endorsed 
    Welcome to 8th grade science!   This is going to be such an exciting year as we study a variety of science topics.  Below is an outline of each 9 week period.
     Regular Science
    lst 9 weeks-    Motion & Forces
    2nd 9 weeks- Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light
    3rd 9 weeks- The Sun, Earth, Moon and Space
    4th 9 weeks-  Life and Geological Time 
    Physical Science Honors- Fast Track 
    1st 9 weeks-Motion & Forces, Energy Transformations
    2nd 9 weeks- Electricity and Magnetism, Wave Characteristics
    3rd 9 weeks-Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding
    4th 9 weeks-Reactions, Acids & Base, Organic & Inorganic Substances
     8th Grade Class Schedule
    Homeroom /ILT  8:10 - 8:35 

    1st Block  

    Elective 8:35 - 9:20

    Elective 9:22-10:07

    2nd  Block 10:11-11:43

    3rd Block 11:47-1:17

    Lunch 1:1-1:47

    4th Block  1:51-3:21

    Announcements/Lockers/Dismissal -3:25


    A Day Classes- l Planning, 2 Physical Science, 3 Earth Science ,4 Physical Science

    B Day Classes -l Planning, 2 Earth Science, 3 Physical Science, 4 Earth Science