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    Name:               Steve Thrasher
    Email:               stevethrasher@anderson5.net
    Classes:             8th Grade Math 8 
                               8th Grade CP Algebra I
    Tutor Sessions: Thursday afternoons from 3:35 until 4:15
    Associate of Science Degree - Anderson College
    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Mathematics - University of South Carolina
    Masters of Education - Walden University
    SC Academic Standards

    https://ed.sc.gov/instruction/standards-learning/mathematics/standards/scccr-standards-for-mathematics-final-print-on-one-side/ begin with page 53

    All assignments, announcements and class information will be posted in Google Classroom.

    Algebra I CP Grading Scale

    Major Grades 65%

    Minor Grades 25%

    Common Assessment 10%


    Math 8 Grading Scale

    Major Grades 60%

    Minor Grades 40%