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    Allison Forrest, B.A., Clemson University 
    8th Grade Algebra 

    Daily agendas, class files (inc. notes and HW attachments), HW assignments, and all other important information relating to my class can be found by clicking the planbook link to the left.

     In math, you will have homework every night, Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on Fridays.  Homework is graded based upon completion.  Homework with no work shown will not receive a grade.  Each week, you will be given a homework grade.   The highest grade a late assignment may receive is 90%.  Late assignments may only be turned in with a late slip note and parent signature.   If you are absent, you are responsible for getting your work off of planbook and asking me for any handouts if needed and getting bellringers you missed from a classmate. Cheating (copying or letting someone copy on homework or any assignment, quiz, or test) will result in a zero.
    You may re-take a test or quiz at 7:55 any day or after school on Fridays.  See me for a form. It must be filled out within 1 week of the test.    
    You will have a Weekly Quiz or a Unit Test every Friday.  We will go through 2 – 4 units each 9 weeks.

    You will also be expected to keep up with your bellringers in your notebook and correct them when needed.  To ensure participation in bellringers, you will have a Bellringer Notebook Check (Classwork Grade) 2 – 3 times each nine weeks. 

     Classwork/NB will count 20%, Weekly Quizzes and Tests 60%, & Classwork/Homework 10%, and Exam 10%.  
    Parents and/or students may email me at
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