Whitney Moody & Heather King
    All Day 3's
    Welcome to Preschool for 3's!
     We are very excited about this year! We look forward to working with your child and appreciate you sharing them with us. During the next few months we will see these precious children grow and develop by leaps and bounds. Miss Honeycutt and I will work hard to create an environment in which your child will be given many opportunities to discover through active exploration. It is our goal that your child becomes more independent as the year progresses. Our main focus is to provide a safe environment, a place in which he/she is free to make mistakes and most of all a place where he/she is loved.

    In return, we ask you as parents to help us by reinforcing these concepts at home. You are your child's first and best teacher. He/she will learn more by watching and listening to you than any teacher in school. We will provide plenty of opportunities for family involvement. He/she will recieve monthly that include information crucial to your involvement throughout the month. The newsletter will give you a brief description of what to expext in the upcoming weeks. Also in our newsletters, will be an area of important dates and events for you to look for. We suggest that you hang our newsletters on your refrigerator so it will not get misplaced. Please do not worry if it does because we do send home several reminders throughout the month. We do ask that you check his/her bookbag daily for reminders from us and/or office.