Our Philosophy

  • The Varennes Elementary School faculty and staff believes the basic function of the school is to create learning experiences for the child which will enable him to explore his expanding world. These experiences should provide him with the necessary tools to become a worthwhile and contributing citizen in a democratic society. The school should offer experiences which encourage each child to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and morally.
    We believe each child should be given the opportunity to participate in the total school program, realizing that each child is a unique individual with varying patterns in growth and development, different interests, abilities, attitudes and backgrounds. This program fosters an environment in which each child is encouraged to think critically and creatively as he or she is guided to meet and solve problems intelligently. Through awakening the natural curiosity of the child and helping him to apply the basic tools of learning, he or she will mature into a responsible individual.
    We believe that the community plays a vital role in the education program. The community should be aware and cooperatively involved in the various school activities. A close relationship between home and school helps the child in all stages of growth and development. School, home and community must share in the responsibility of providing examples of the values and practices of a democratic society.