• Our School
    Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation is a diverse neighborhood school situated within a short distance from local businesses in downtown Anderson. Nevitt Forest maintains high standards of instruction by hiring highly qualified teachers who are committed to providing effective instruction to meet the academic needs of students. Further, the staff works collaboratively to establish welcoming learning environment for students, parents, and community partners.   
     Our Mission
    The mission of Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation is to educate and prepare each of our diverse scholars to excel in a changing global society.  The three significant components necessary to achieve our mission are:
    • to ensure mastery of all content areas through exemplary instruction.
    • to promote and foster positive interactions with parents, local universities, and community members.
    • to explore and incorporate innovative ideas and techniques throughout our distinct learning community. 

    It is recognized that the success of the students attending Nevitt Forest is directly correlated to effectiveness of instruction and the quality of the learning environment.  The new school year will provide opportunities for reflection, improvement, and celebration as we work collectively with the students, parents, and community to provide a high quality educational program which prepares children for future success.