• A Broadway Street
    Name: Quincy DelColletti
    Classes: Drama
    Class Schedule:
    1st Block (8:10-9:43)-- Planning
    3rd Period-- (9:46-10:31)   Yearbook
    4th Period-- (10:34-11:19) Performance Drama
    5th Period-- (11:22-12:07)  Drama 7
    6th Period (12:58-1:43)  Drama 7
    7th Period (1:46-2:31) Drama 6
    8th Period (2:34-3:19) Drama 6
    Announcements (3:22-3:27)
    Credentials   B.A Journalism and Dance Indiana State University
                            B.A. English Education  Indiana State University
                            M Ed   Curriculum and Instruction-  Arts Integration Emphasis
     Certified 5-12 in English, Theater, Dance and Gifted/Talented