Welcome to Room 301 and Calhoun Academy of the Arts!
    Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Wallace
    We love teaching at Calhoun Academy of the Arts!  We love our Kindergartners!  In Room 301 , our Kindergartners will learn many things and have lots of fun!  Please visit us often to see all the adventures we are having.  Feel free to contact us if you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns.   Mrs. Cox's email address is:  amycox@anderson5.netPlease call us at 260-5090.
    Mission of Calhoun Academy of the Arts
    The mission of Calhoun Academy of the Arts is to create a collaborative school community that challenges all children to learn, to excel, and to be responsible citizens by utilizing successful teaching strategies that integrate the arts through various resources, including families and our community, in a positive learning environment.