• Our Beliefs

    1.  We believe learning is the business of public schools and that knowledge and skills are our products.
    2. We believe that family involvement is critical in the development of the student.
    3. We believe broad-based community support is the foundation of the school system.
    4.  We believe voluntary student action, while providing service, is an integral part of students' development.
    5.  We believe each individual has worth and potential for growth and development.
    6. We  believe individuals have different education needs and are best served through transdiciplinary curriculum.
    7. We  believe students learn in different ways.
    8.  We believe effective education helps students apply knowledge.
    9.  We believe ethical values and a positive self-image contribute to the success of the individual and society.
    10.  We believe the understanding of individual ethnic and cultural differences can promote harmony and mutual respect.
    11.  We believe diversity is a strength in our society.
    12.  We believe with every right comes responsibility.
    13.  We believe shared decision-making improves the educational process.
    14.  We believe every student is entitled to a safe, secure and positive learning environment.
    15. We  believe the quality of life in our community is improved by increasing the general educational levels of our population.
    16.  We believe each individual will be treated with dignity and respect.
    17.  We believe in educating the total student who displays creativity, confidence, appreciation, and integrity.
    18.  We believe high expectations increase individual student performance.
    19.  We believe students learn best when they have opportunities for inquiry-based learning.
    20.  We believe the school must commit to continuous improvement to produce confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.