• Welcome
    Sherri Taylor
    Teacher Assistant:
     Lynn Robinson
    Class:Kindergarten Room 31

    Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovations

    From The Desk of Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Robinson

    Room 31


    Kindergarten is the start to an incredible adventure filled with wonderful activities and experiences.  We will have fun with learning our letters, numbers, how to add and subtract, we’ll make new friends, write stories, learn to read fantastic books, and most importantly we hope that your child will learn to love school! Communication between parents and teachers is very important to the success of your child’s school year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at sherritaylor@anderson5.net. or call (864) 260-5190


    A Few things to know:

    ·         Breakfast is served until 7:40

    ·         Your child should have a change of clothes in his/her book bag.

    ·         Book bags and communication folder should be checked and brought back to school daily.

    ·    Please make sure that we have a current phone number where you can be reached

     We can't wait for a wonderful school year!


    Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Robinson