Name:  Mr. Christopher Popa
    Email: christopherpopa@anderson5.net
    Classes: Esol Instructor 
    Parent Letter & Syllabus
    Agenda/Daily Class Work: Google Classroom
    NC #1 (Semester 1): Class Code: vpelzz;
    NC #1 (Semester 2): Class Code: 31tecso ;
    NC #2 (Semester 1, only): Class Code: 7vmefhs ;
     Who am I?: Mr. Popa
    I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and studied a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish and Communications at
    Cleveland State University.  After graduating, I moved to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where I lived and
    taught English  for nearly four years (see: www.uninter.edu.mx ). I met and married my wife there and, several years later, we decided to move here, to the Upstate. We have 2 sons: Diego & Dante.
    Teacher--Student--Parent Communication:
    Westside High School encourages communication between home and school. If you would like to
    contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns, you may call the school at 260-5230, ext 306 or
     Time                                                         Block
     08:00-08:20              Esol Planning
    08:20-09:50  1st Block; Esol Push in, Pull out  & Consultative Services
    09:50-10:10  Advisory; Esol Tutoring & Intervention Services 
    10:15-11:55  2nd block; Newcomer's 2 class 
    12:00-02:00  3rd Block; Newcomer's 1 class
    02:05-  03:40  4th Block; Esol Push in, Pull out  & Consultative Services