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     Emily Vickery
    Bachelor of Music Education
    Newberry College
     Welcome to music!  I love being a music teacher.  I began teaching in 1992 at Union High School.  My husband and I moved back to his hometown, Anderson, in 1994 where I began teaching in Pendleton.  I have taught at quite a few schools here in Anderson and Belton, but I have spent the last four years here at Centerville and I love it!
    I have been married to my husband for twenty four wonderful years and we have two daughters, one who is in college and another who is a senior at Westside.  GO RAMS! Both our children have grown up singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  There's always something musical going on with the Vickery family! We fill our evenings and weekends with lots of band and orchestra activities, football games, and all kinds of other events.
    In music class, we strive to be the best musicians we can possibly be. Whether it be singing a song, playing an instrument, or doing a dance, we are going to do it to the best of our abilities.   
     It is truly my privilege and honor to be a part of the special family here at Centerville. 
    WRB 4-C
    Come and visit the music room any time, you are sure to have a great time! 

     We are very fortunate, also, to have Mrs. Lindsay Morgan, music teacher at Homeland Park Primary School.  We really enjoy having here here with us on Wednesdays! WE LOVE YOU MRS. MORGAN!!!

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