•  Kim Hoskins

     Kim Hoskins
    260-5255 Ext. 30078
    Guidance Counselor K4-5th
    Credentials:  Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Clemson University 
  • The Guidance Program is designed to be pro-active in measure and teach skills to prevent problems from arising, but also re-active to assist students in times of crisis. I am here to help so please feel free to call me if you need anything.  I can be reached at 260-5255 Ext. 30078.  Whitehall also has a County Counselor who is here on Mondays to provide counseling to our students.  Her name is Kelly Ray and she can be contacted at 260-5255 Ext. 30074.  
    Character Education: 
    SELFLESSNESS:  To have concern of the well-being of others over your own. 
    Anderson Interfaith Ministries-226-2273-Provides assistance to community through a food pantry, emergency assistance and several other programs.
    Behavioral Health Services-260-4168
    Department of Social Services-260-4100
    Family Counseling Center-225-6266
    Foothills Alliance-231-7273
    Safe Harbor-261-3633-A shelter for women who are victims of domestic abuse.
    Salvation Army-225-7381
    Child and Adolescent Center (Division of Mental Health) 716-2316 
    Counseling for Life-353-3384
    Mainstream Therapeutic Services- 477-8128
    Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics-Greenville, S.C.-454-5115 

AUGUST and SEPTEMBER-Lessons will focus on STUDY SKILLS

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