About Mrs. King-Hanley

  •  Sharon King-Hanly, WECA Director
    Sharon King-Hanley
    Academic Coach
    WECA Director
    This is my 21st year at Westside High School. I taught English for 18 years before becoming Westside's Academic Coach in February 2012. I am currently finishing a second Master's degree in Administration & Supervision through Anderson University. As Academic Coach, I work with the Assistant Principal for Instruction and Westside teachers as they work to continually improve instruction and raise student achievement. My job description includes observing classes, scheduling substitute teachers, assisting with yearly testing, mentoring teachers, and being the WECA Director. For WECA, I work closely with Westside guidance counselors and Tri-County Technical College staff to assist students as they complete college courses while still in high school. This is WECA's fourth year in existence, and we continue to work to evolve the program so that Westside students are able to take full advantage of collegiate opportunities while completing their high school graduation requirements.
    B.A. English and History (Clemson University)
    M.S. Education (Nova Southeastern University)