Name: Lori McCullough

    Phone Number:

               (864) 260-5090

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    Computer Lab Procedures

    1. Walk while moving in the lab.

    2. If you need help, raise your hand.

    3. I will use my inside voice in the lab.

    4. I will keep my body quiet.

    5. I will use the computer as a learning tool. 

    All students need to log in when using an Anderson Five device with their Anderson Five username and password. Please help your children learn their log in information for school, especially the younger students in Kindergarten and First Grade. 

    We have two labs a Windows 8 wireless lab and a traditional computer lab for your children to use during school.

    Chrome Books 
    Teachers are using Google Classroom to supplement instruction for your children.  

    Fifth graders are assigned their own individual Chrome Book to use in all classes.

    Fourth graders have two carts of Chrome books that are shared by the teachers.  

    Third graders have Chrome Book stations in each classroom. 

    K-2 grades have touchscreen laptop stations in each classroom.

    Parents may view their child's Google Classroom when the teacher enables "parent sharing".    

        Chrome Books and Google Classroom are tools for the students to use as they create personal and collaborative projects within their subject areas. The tools are being implemented in order to help your child be successful in school.  



    During Map testing:
    Please assist your child with these strategies when they test:
    • Get a goodnights rest before the test.
    • Power up your kids with breakfast!
    • Encourage your children to keep trying, even though it may seem hard or difficult for them.
    SC Ready tests will be in the spring; late April and May 2018. 
    Hour of Code Links
    Our school participates in the "Hour of Code" event where millions of students learn to code video games using visual basic programming language.  Here is a list of Code links to learn to program games:
    Moana -
    Minecraft -
    Hour of Code Stem related -
    https://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/stem - Grades 3-5
    Hour of Code - Tynker -
    Lesson Plans for Teachers for their classrooms- https://code.org/educate/teacher-led 

       Decimal Game


    Kids Domain


    Math PartPlayground








    Google Search



Ms. Lori McCullough

Phone: (864) 260-5090 ext. 28305


Degrees and Certifications:

The University of Georgia: Bachelor of Arts

Ms. Lori McCullough