• Agriculture 

    The Agricultural Department here at Anderson Five Career Campus teaches an array of agricultural classes.  We begin with an Introduction to Plant and Animal Systems and end with an Agricultural Mechanics class.  We also offer classes in animal science and wildlife with hands-on experience and preparation for a career in the agricultural industry. We have two teachers in our agricultural department and a very active FFA Chapter. Please stop by our classes or shops anytime to learn more about our programs. 


    Automotive Technology

    The Automotive program provides students with the technical education needed to begin a successful career in the automotive field. Our overall philosophy provides an atmosphere conducive to successful completion of a students program and application of the acquired knowledge and skills in the industry. Our balance of theory, demonstrations and practical lab work consistently develops students who are accepted in the industry and recognized as potential leaders in their field. Most students will go on to a two or four-year college automotive program after graduation from A5CC.


    Machine Tool Technology













    The Machine Tool Technology program offered at Anderson Five Career Campus prepares our students to apply technical knowledge and skills to plan, manufacture, assemble, test, and repair parts, mechanisms, machines, and structures in which materials are cast, formed, shaped, molded, heat treated, cut, twisted, pressed, fused, stamped or worked.