• yellow jacket
    Name: Ramsey Hill   
    Classes: AP Psychology
    - Bachelor of Science in Social Studies with a minor in
      Education from Presbyterian
    - Masters in Educational Administration from USC
    - Educational Specialist in Educational Administration from USC
    1st Semester: 
          1st block- Admin assist
          2nd block- Admin assist
          3rd block- Admin assist
          4th block- AP Psychology
    2nd Semester: 
          1st block- Admin Assist
          2nd block- Admin Assist
          3rd block- Admin Assist
          4th block- AP Psychology
    About me
    This will be my 14th year teaching and my 7th year at TL Hanna.  My wife is also a teacher as well.  We have three children, two daughters and a son.  I am looking forward to a great year at Hanna.