I'll Be Back!!!!
    Room 215 - My room-     7:45-8:30
    Room 205- Ms. Aiken      8:40-9:45
    Room 205- Ms. Aiken      9:35-10:50
    LUNCH                           10:50-11:30
    Room 105- Ms. Durham   11:35- 12: 40
    Room 105- Ms. Durham   12:40-1:45
    My Room- 215                 1:45-2:50
    Varies with students           2:50-3:20
     Please join us and support Lakeside's 1st Hot Rod show.  Lakeside presents "Rods and Rides for Kids"...April 30, 2016.  Look here for more info!!
    Vroom Vroom
    1st Parent Party
     My name is Mr. Cooke or Mr. "Cookie". 
    I have the pleasure of Team Teaching
    with many of Lakeside's finest educators.
    I have work with the 6th grade team.  I have never had the pleasure of working with so many educator's who care about kids so much.  I ha
    ve 15 years of teaching experience.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time
     regarding your student. 
    Personal cell: 704-351-0265
    walking kid
    I am Highly Qualified in 3 states to teach: Ohio where I spent 11 years,  N.C. where I spent one of my most challenging years and learned more than I ever thought possible, and S.C.  This is my 2nd year back home and I love my students... and my job!!!!!!!!!.