• Robert Anderson Middle School Title 1


    Title 1, of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, is the largest federally funded educational program. This program, authorized by Congress, provides additional funding to school districts to assist schools with the highest concentration of student poverty. This is to help schools meet the educational needs and goals of their students. Schools receive Title 1 funds based on the number of students qualifying for free or reduced meals. 74.02% of Robert Anderson Middle School’s students qualify for subsidized meals.

    Robert Anderson Middle School Title 1 Funding 

    Title 1 Funding at RAMS is used for the following:  
    • Pays teacher salaries to reduce class size 
    • Supplies technology, such as computers, and other technology equipment and supplies
    • Provides Instructional materials such as math manipulatives and reading libraries to support SC ELA and math standards. 
    • Provides 1 Teacher at .5 FTE as curriculum instructional coach.
    • Provides Parent and Family Engagement workshops and other opportunities
    • Links to family and community services
    • Provides after school program and summer enrichment program with bus transportation home. 

    The Title 1 Staff provide a variety of services to and resources for the school and community.  Click on any of the following links to learn more about services or resources supplied by Title 1 staff.

    Title 1 planning occurs throughout each school year. As part of the planning, a needs assessment survey is distributed to all parents and teachers to provide evaluation of the positions, items, and services provided with Title I funds.

    As a parent, you have the right to request information about the qualifications of your child’s teacher.

    Parents also have the right to see yearly “report cards” showing how their child and the school are performing under the school-wide Title 1 Program.