• Who Are We
    Westside Mission
    "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow!"
    By assuring quality improvement in every facet of school life and incorporating the resources and diversities of our communities, Westside High School's mission is to educate all students and produce graduates with the knowledge and skills to be lifelong learners, individuals with ethical character, and citizens who contribute to an ever-changing global society. 

                             Westside Vision
           "Where It's a Matter of Pride"
    • A nurturing, caring family, instilled with a joy of learning and life, appreciating cultural diversity and united in support of democracy
    • A family in which everyone shares responsibility and is respected as an individual with his or her own visions, goals, beliefs, and ideas
    • A family which believes all people can learn and experience success
    The History of Westside High School 
         The original Westside High School was located in the western section of the city at the corner of Southwood and Franklin Streets. The school was officially opened in September 1951 as Reed Street High School.. Westside High School was one of the all black schools in Anderson. The first principal was B.M. Wakefield.
         The enrollment continued to grow and in 1960 reached 946 students. It was during this school term that Westside accomplished a feat in athletics that had never before been reached: winning state championships in three sports; football, basketball, and baseball.  
         In 1951, the original Westside High was built for black high-school students. In 1970, all schools in the United States were integrated. In the fall of 1971, the present $4.5 million facility was occupied. Mr. Henry Adair came to take over the helm of Westside High School in 1983. Through the 2013-2014 school year, Westside High School has had only had two principals. Mr. Kory Roberts will take the helm as only the third Principal Westside has know starting the Fall of 2014.
         In the school year 2003-2004 a Ninth Grade Academy was established. Ninth grade students who are not repeating 9th grade, or who are not taking advanced courses, are in the academy. During the first year, only English and math courses were taught within the academy. At present, English, math, social studies, and science classes are taught in the academy. The ninth grade wing was added in the 2006-07 school year.
    Rising ‘neath the golden sunshine
    And the blue, blue sky,

    Proudly stands our Alma Mater,

    Dear old Westside High.


    You’re our idol, inspiration.

    Memories never die;

    For we’ll love and cherish ever,

    Hold your standards high.


    So with hearts of happiness,

    Voices deep with pride;

    We proudly hail and loudly praise,

    Our own dear Westside High.



    Oh, we love you, yes we love you;

    Courage ever high,

    We pledge to thee our loyalty,

             Dear old Westside High


     “It’s A Matter of Pride”



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    WSH Mascot