• Homework

    Students will be given homework on the first day of the week.  Students have all week to complete, and turn in on Friday.  Homework will be graded for completion.  Students will write down their homework in their Agenda on Monday for the week.  Students are required to read for 20 minutes each night.  Students will have a reading log they will complete each night.  A parent will need to sign the log each night.  I will take up the logs on Friday with the other homework assignments. 


    Students will be graded based on a ten point scale below:

    90-100 = A

    80-89 =   B

    70-79 =   C

    60-69=    D

    59 below=  F

    If students refuse to complete work in class they will miss recess or related arts until this work is completed.  If a student does not finish an assignment they may take it home to complete or come in early in the morning to work on assignments. 


    Classroom Behavior

    We will follow a clip chart system.  Everyday students begin on ready to learn.  Students will clip to warning and will be given a chance to correct their behavior.  At this stage students may clip back up.  If a student clips down to orange they will get a note written in their agenda that will need to be signed.  If students clip down to red they will receive a behavior referral that will go home and need to be signed and brought back to school.  Students also lose one minute off of recess for each time they talk when they are supposed to be quiet.  Students will also lose recess time for speaking to another student or teacher disrespectfully, this includes, but is not limited to arguing with a student or adult. 




    **Related Arts

    Monday:  Art

    Tuesday:  PE  (Wear tennis shoes)

    Wednesday:  Music

    Thursday:  Guidance

    Friday:  Library

    **We have lunch every day from 11:50- 12:15



    Dress Code

    **No flip flops or slides



    ·         Students may bring a water bottle

    ·         Our class is cold! Please bring a jacket

    ·         Students may bring a HEALTHY snack!

    No chips please!!


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