• Tice

    Ms. Teresa Tice

    Mom and I on my Wedding Day

    I would like to welcome you to my Social Studies class!

    This is my 22nd year in education, 4th year in Social Studies.  I am excited to be able to cover Ancient Civilizations with you, exploring so many interesting things about our worlds history, and how things came to be.

    I hope it you have any questions or concerns you will relay them to me.  I try to reach out to parents in good times as well as bad.  Working together is the best way!

    Credentials: Undergraduate of Coastal Carolina University

    Graduate degree from Columbia University (Divergent Learning Styles)

    Specialty Courses in Mathematics

    Gifted and Talented Certified

    AVID Trained 

    Schedule:  (this is no longer my schedule.  It will be updated within the week.

    Class Period/Timc

                A- Day   

    B- Day

    1      8:28-9:23  7th - Read to Succeed   7th Read to Succeed
    2      9:23-10:08  7th - AVID        7th AVID
    3      10:11- 10:56  8th - AVID                   8th AVID
    4      10:56-11-41  8th - Yearbook     8th Read to Succeed
    5-6   11:41-1:46  Planning/Lunch  Planning/ Lunch
    7      1:47-2:32  6th Read to Succeed  6th Read to Succeed
    8      2:32-3:17  6th - AVID  6th AVID