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    Teresa Tice
    AVID Elective, Read to Succeed and Yearbook 
    Email: teresatice@anderson5.net
    Parents and Students:
    I welcome you to my class, and look forward to working with you.  
    I am going on my 20th year of teaching, and I love what I do.
    Most of my career I have taught math, but have also taught ELA, Science and Social Studies.  This is my third year teaching AVID, second year teaching Yearbook and first year teaching Read to Succeed.  As we prepare to merge with Robert Anderson, we are all on board with incorporating AVID strategies in all our classroom, as well as helping students become proficient readers.  I simply concentrate on these strategies in my room.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  The easiest, and fastest way to get a response is usually with email.
    Again, I look forward to working with you this year!
    Terri Tice 
    Credentials: Undergraduate of Coastal Carolina University
    Graduate degree from Columbia University (Divergent Learning Styles)
    Specialty Courses in Mathematics
    Gifted and Talented Certified
    AVID Trained 

    Class Period/Timc

                A- Day   

    B- Day

    1      8:28-9:23  7th - Read to Succeed   7th Read to Succeed
    2      9:23-10:08  7th - AVID        7th AVID
    3      10:11- 10:56  8th - AVID                   8th AVID
    4      10:56-11-41  8th - Yearbook     8th Read to Succeed
    5-6   11:41-1:46  Planning/Lunch  Planning/ Lunch
    7      1:47-2:32  6th Read to Succeed  6th Read to Succeed
    8      2:32-3:17  6th - AVID  6th AVID
    Each Read to Succeed class is taught every other day, with 6th and 7th having two different groups.  AVID is taught every day, each grade level has one group/class.
    All classes are taught the entire year.