• Proposed 1 Cent Sales Tax

    A collaboration between all five Anderson County school districts, the proposed 1-cent sales tax will go towards various educational projects in Anderson County. Twenty percent of all raised revenue will go towards paying off bond indebtedness, thereby reducing property taxes by offsetting the existing debt service millage levy on existing bonds.


    Each school district has proposed projects available to view (click here to view Anderson Five’s proposed project list). Projects include safety and security updates, acquisition and updating of technology hardware, repairing or replacing roofs and HVAC systems, etc.


    Anderson School Districts 3, 4, and 5 plan to construct and equip a facility for career and technical education. This facility would be shared between the three districts in collaboration with Tri-County Technical College.


    For Anderson School Districts 3,4, and 5 there will be two questions on the General Election ballot. The first question pertains to the sales tax itself, and the second question would allow Districts 3, 4, and 5 to sell the general obligation bonds (paid by the sales tax) needed to begin construction projects immediately.


    If you have any questions concerning Anderson Five’s proposed projects list, please contact Kyle Newton at 864-260-5000, or at KyleNewton@anderson5.net.