•  T.L. Hanna High School JAG

    JAG is a program that helps students graduate from high school, begin post-high school education, obtain a job, and get started on a solid career path.

    What do students in JAG do?

    Students in the program take the JAG class, as well as participate in the student-led Career Association at T.L. Hanna High School. They take trips to visit businesses, to learn about post-high school education, and to compete in statewide and national jobs-related competitions.

    What do students in JAG learn?

    JAG students work daily on building competencies in career-related skills, such as resume writing, interviewing for jobs, time management, verbal and written communication, team leadership, goal-setting, computer skills, and financial literacy.

    What are the requirements to join JAG?

    Students in JAG must commit to improving their career-related skills and work through barriers to their success. Anyone with challenges to overcome, from the valedictorian to the student repeating a grade level, can be a part of JAG.

    Students interested in joining JAG should contact Mrs. Stacy Carlton at T.L. Hanna High School- stacycarlton@anderson5.net.