What is JAG?
    JAG is a program that helps students graduate from high school, begin post-high school education, obtain a job, and get started on a solid career path.

    What do students in JAG do?

    Students in the program take the JAG class, as well as participate in the student-led Career Association at Westside High School. They take trips to visit businesses, to learn about post-high school education, and to compete in statewide and national jobs-related competitions.

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    What do students in JAG learn?

    JAG students work daily on building competencies in career-related skills, such as resume writing, interviewing for jobs, time management, verbal and written communication, team leadership, goal-setting, computer skills, and financial literacy.

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    What are the requirements to join JAG?

    Students in JAG all have barriers to success. Some have issues with grades, attendance, or behavior. Others may be from low-income homes or have parents who never graduated from high school. Still others may need special education or ESOL services. They are all in need of help in improving their career-related skills. The bottom line is that anyone with challenges to overcome, from the valedictorian to the student repeating a grade level, can be a part of JAG.




    Students interested in joining JAG should contact:
    Melody Lollis
    Job Specialist
    Westside High School an Early College Academy
    806 Pearman Dairy Rd.
    Anderson, SC 29625
    Westside Classroom:  864-260-5230 EXT. 80208
    Career Center Office: 864-260-5160
    Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my class can be found at this link: JAG Planbook