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    Name: Eileen Abercrombie
    Email: eileenabercrombie@anderson5.net
    Classes: 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 CP
    School: Robert Anderson Middle School
    Room: 408
    Phone: 864- 716-3890 ext. 54408
    Credentials:  Graduated Laurens District 55 High School 1979
                         Graduated Presbyterian College with BS 1983
                         Graduated Southern Wesleyan College with Masters in Education 2006 
    All About Me: I grew up in Laurens and attended Ford Junior High grades 1 through 8 then Laurens District #55 for grades 9 through 12. While I was accepted to Clemson, I chose to attend Presbyterian College.
    I've always had a life around animals. Dogs, the occasional cat, and horses. I've ridden since I was 3 years old! I still own 3 horses - Doc, Leddy and Sally, a donkey - Buck, and 4 dogs - Ren is a Rottweiler, Aggie and Jethro are mutts, and Jed is a Miniature Schnauzer. And yes, I live in the country on a farm! With my husband. We have a bevy of blue birds and blue jays, a company of cardinals, a drove of doves, a mob of mocking birds, a platoon of purple martins, a squadron of sparrows, a cacophony of kill deer, with Woody, Winnie and Willie Woodpeckers. We're covered in critters!!