• Hallie
    Hallie Friar
    Special Ed. - ID Moderate/Mild Self-Contained
    Room 403 
    Ext. 85403 
    Classroom Agenda: Click Here
    Credentials: B.A. Special Education, Clemson University
    Certifications: Multi-Categorical Special Education K-12 
                            Elementary Education Certification K-6 
     Room 403 Daily Schedule:
    All instruction is created by implementing the basic techniques and structure of the Direct Instruction Model for teaching students with special needs. 
    Modeling and guiding of instruction fundamentally enhances student’s abilities to perform transitional and academic skills independently.
    My mission is to create a positive, nurturing environment where students are activiely engaged in learning! 



    8:00-9:00 ~ E Learning Data Tracking

    -N2Y/ Unique Learning, RAZ Kids Reading, Rethink Ed, Prodigy Math (students pulled for one- on- one instruction if needed during this time)

    9:00-10:00 ~ Morning Whole Group Routine and Music Therapy (Skills targeted: Communication/Social):

    -Songs: Sign Language and Instruments, Pledge, Calendar, Basic Facts, RAZ Kids Apple Reading,(cooking instruction begins if longer preparation time is needed)

    10:00-10:20 ~ Life Skills and Snack:

    -Manners, Social Skills Games, “Q&A Everyday”, Problem Solving Conversation Cards, Cooking/Food Preparation, Clean-Up

    10:25-11:00  ~ Language Arts:

    -Tentative Reading Groups: Yellow (Pre-reading Skills) Sakshi, Gerald Green (Basic Reading Skills) Christian, Tadasha, Devin, Caleb, Corbett, Kaden Red (Higher Level Reading) Dylan, Rieannon, Brandon, Adrian, Haley and Austin

         ~ Math:

    -Smartboard Math Whole Group Interactives, Math Independent Work-(addition, subtraction, money skills)

    11:05-11:30 ~ Stretchercise Cool Down Activities

    Cupid Shuffle, Stretching Bands, Lean on Me, Shake it Off, It’s the Climb, Just Dance, Go Noodle Breathing

    11:30-12:30 ~ LUNCH / Bathroom Break

    12:30-12:35 ~ Transition, Lunchboxes Are Put Away

    12:35-1:15 ~ PE with Coach Fieser

    1:15-2:00 ~ Art with Mr. Nutt

    2:00-3:00 ~ Whole Group Skills(until 2:30)/ Transition Workstations(2:30-3:00)

    -Brainpop Jr. / National Geographic Kids, Kahoot.it.com, Fun Fact Ppt, Red Apple Reading, Nearpod Lesson

    - Transition Workstations:

    ~Card Making Business Rotations

    ~Justice League Workstation: Transitional Kits

    ~Avengers Workstation: Visual Perception/Crafts

    ~Chromebook Station: Emailing, Keyboard Skills, Typing a Letter

    (Alternate Workstations daily)

    3:00-3:25 ~ Free Time/ Jobs:

    Afternoon Jobs, Student Earned Reward (tokens), Pack for buses