•     Mrs. Mosley
          Beth Mosley 
           6th Grade
          Math & ELA
      Inclusion Teacher
    Email: mildredmosley@anderson5.net
    For current daily class assignments and activities please see your student's Google Classroom: Study Skills and/or Math/ELA Inclusion class.
    Credentials:  Bachelors of Science in Multi-Categorical Special Education 
    My Daily Schedule: 



    1st Block- 8:37-10:07 

          Math Inclusion- Mrs. Parker


    2nd Block- 10:11-11:43

    1. Planning Period (45 minutes)

    2. Study Skills (45 minutes)


    Lunch- 11:47-12:17


    3rd Block-12:17-1:47

    1. Math Inclusion- Mrs. O’Neill (45 minutes)

    2. Math Inclusion- Mrs. Wilson (45 minutes)


    4th Block-1:51-3:21

    1. ELA Inclusion- Mrs. Long (45 minutes) 

    2. Planning Period (45 minutes)