• Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Lee
    Transitions to Algebra
    Geometry Honors
    Clemson University
    Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education & Mathematics
    Gifted and Talented Endorsement
     Class Schedule for 2019-2020

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

    Geometry Honors Transitions to Algebra

    2nd Block

    Geometry Honors Geometry Honors

    3rd Block

    Transitions to Algebra Planning

    4th Block

    Planning Geometry Honors
    Daily agendas and homework assignments can be found at the following links:
    Geometry Honors: Weekly Agenda
    Transitions to Algebra: Weekly Agenda
    Extra Help
    Before School:
    Morning Brew: 7:30-8:15 
    Math and Science tutoring in the Media Center
    After School:
    Math Power Hour: 3:50-4:50 on Mondays and Thursdays in Room 507