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    Whitney Sutton
    Algebra 1 CP
    Algebra 2 CP
    Algebra 2 Honors 
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    North Greenville University
    Bachelor of Science
    in Secondary Education - Mathematics
    Anderson University icom
    Anderson University
    Masters Degree
    in Education
    Furman Icon
    Furman University
    **Currently working on**
     Education Specialist Degree (EDS)
     in School Leadership
    Gifted and Talented Endorsed
    Read to Succeed Endorsed

    2022-2023 Class Schedule 

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

    Algebra 1 CP Algebra 1 CP

    2nd Block

    Algebra 2 Honors Algebra 2 CP

    3rd Block

    Algebra 2 Honors Planning

    4th Block

    Planning Algebra1 CP

    ***Class calendars, weekly agendas, syllabi, and standards can be found under each class page. (click on the pages on the left)

    Opportunities for Tutoring
    Before School: 
    Tutoring with Ms. Sutton
    7:50-8:15 am
    Come by my classroom any morning with questions prepared!
    Morning Brew
    7:30-9:30 am
    Math tutoring every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
    Located in the side room of the media center with Mr. Powell.
    After School:
    Tutoring with Ms. Sutton
    WEDNESDAYS only 3:45-4:30 pm.
    Come by my classroom with questions prepared!
    TLH Power Hour! (Math & Testing)
    3:50-4:50 pm
    Math Tutoring every Monday and Thursday in Room 506!
    Two teachers available for Math tutoring. Available to any TLH student.
    Testing/Retesting every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Room 517!
    Let Ms. Sutton know in advance if you plan to make up an assignment in power hour.
    **Transportation is available to students who sign up by 10am.**
    (Go to the student tab on the webpage and click on POWER HOUR BUS SIGN UP)