• Whitney Sutton
    Whitney Sutton
    Algebra 1 CP
    Geometry Honors 
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    North Greenville University
    Bachelor of Science
    in Secondary Education - Mathematics
    Anderson University icom
    Anderson University
    Pursuing a Masters in Education
    Graduating December 2018!!
    Gifted and Talented Endorsed
    AVID Certified

    Fall 2018 Schedule 
    1st Block - Algebra 1 CP
    2nd Block - Planning
       (1st Lunch)
    3rd Block - Geometry Honors
    4th Block - Geometry Honors
    Opportunities for Tutoring
    Before School
    Please come with questions prepared.
    Math Power Hour! 
    Every Monday and Thursday in my room (507)
    Transportation is available to students who sign up by 10am.
    *Go to the student tab on the webpage and click on POWER HOUR BUS SIGN UP*