• "you miss 100% of the shots u dont take" - wayne gretzky - michael scott
    Name: Emily Copeland
    Email: EmilySchrieffer@anderson5.net
    Classes: English 2 Honors, English 1AB, English 1 CP
    Welcome to English! I am passionate about literature and my goal is to inspire my students to gain a love or (at the very least) an appreciate for reading and writing.
    (Note: Some documents - including my email at the moment - list my last name as Schrieffer. I recently got married and am in the process of changing my last name. Thank you for your patience!) 
     Bachelor's of Arts in English Secondary Education
     Gifted & Talented Certified
    1st: English 1AB 8:20-10:10
    2nd: Planning 10:17-11:50
    1st Lunch 12:00-12:25 
    3rd: English 1CP 12:30-2:00
    4th: English 1CP 2:07-3:40