• Drake McCauley
    Football Assistant Coach/Split Ends 
    B.S. The University of Georgia 2012
    M.SEd Valdosta State University 2016
    2018 Spring Semester
    1st Block - Planning - Weight Room
    2nd Block -Academic Seminar
    3rd Block - Geometry A/B w/ Mrs. Miller
    4th Block - Algebra 2 A/B w/ Ms. Colman
    Classroom Management Plan
    1.  Conduct yourself properly at all times.  Avoid any classroom disruptions.
    2.  Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom.  Closed drinking containers are allowed within reason, but must stay on counter top
         facing the front.  
    3.  Follow T.L. Hanna Computer Use Policies as outlined in the student handbook.
    4.  At the end of class, log off and clean-up work area.
    5.  The class is dismissed when the bell rings.  Until that time remain in your seat.
    6.  Sharing and helping your neighbor is encouraged, but there will be times you are required to do your own work.  When I tell you,
         please abide by the T.L.Hanna handbook concerning cheating.  
    7.  Personal listening devices are encouraged when working independently, but only 1 ear bud is permitted.  
    8.  Loud conversations are not permitted.  Active discussion is always encouraged, but no one enjoys hearing annoying conversations
         from high school kids.  Not even other high school kids…
    9.  Protect yourself on the internet, you have heard of all the pitfalls.  Don’t put yourself, or the people that love you, in a sad place.     
    10. Do not make excuses.  Losers make excuses, winners find solutions.  
    1.  Hardcore Stare
    2.  Verbal Warning
    3.  Private Conference 
    4.  Lunch Detention 
    5.  Parental Contact
    6.  Office Referral
    **The severity of the student’s behavior may constitute an immediate office
    Tardy to School  
    1st Tardy to School Warning
    2nd Tardy to School Warning
    3rd Tardy to School Warning (Coach Cann will call home)
    4th Tardy to School 3 Days Cafeteria Clean-up or ISS during 1st block that day
    5th Tardy to School 1st Block ISS
    6th Tardy to School 1 Full Day of ISS and Loss of Driving Privileges for 5 School Days
    7th Tardy to School 1 Full Day of ISS and Loss of Driving Privileges for 10 School Days
    8th Tardy to School AIP meeting established and discipline consequences
    Tardy to Class (2nd, 3rd, 4th block)  
    1st Tardy Warning - Teacher contacts parent/guardian
    2nd Tardy Warning - Teacher contacts parent/guardian
    3rd Tardy Teacher assigned detention
    4th Tardy Referred to administration - student assigned to ISS that block
    5th Tardy Referred to administration - student assigned to 1 day ISS and loss of driving privileges for 5 days
    6th Tardy One full day of ISS and loss of driving privileges for 10 school days
    7th Tardy Meeting with guidance counselors, administration, parents, and student