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    Christa Eberhard
    Art 1
    Phone: 864-260-5230 ext. 80614
    Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my classes can be found at the following links: 
     Google classrooms:
    1st block code l3ysut
    2nd block code c4cnkc
    4th block code 44sqvl
    The class website where art will be displayed along with guides to classwork:


    Schedule:        1st Semester                                              2nd Semester
                            1st block: Art 1                                               1st block:  
                            2nd block: Art 1                                              2nd block: 
                            3rd block: Planning                                          3rd block:  
                            4th block: Art 1                                               4th block: