Brett Thompson





    1994 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mercer University

    2001 Masters of Arts in Language Teaching from the University of Southern Mississippi  (Emphasis: Spanish)

    2006 Juris Doctor (Law) from Mercer University


    Class Schedule

    1st Semester                                   2nd Semester

    1st Block Spanish I                           1st Block Spanish I

    2nd Block Planning                           2nd Block Spanish I

    3rd Block Spanish I                          3rd Block Planning

    4th Block Spanish I                          4th Block Spanish I


    Parents of Spanish I Students:

    I have migrated away from the school webpage and now use Google Classroom for my daily agenda, assignments, calendar, online notes, materials, etc.  All of my students have access to their classroom site.  Please e-mail me at brettthompson@anderson5.net if you need an invitation code and I will be happy to send you one.