We are participating in the Greenville Drive Read to Succeed program from Feb. 11 - March 15.  Students must read 5 books and record them on a reading log.  Read!  Read!  Read!


    *No vocabulary test this week.  However, we will be reading Jump! and test on it Friday, Feb. 22.


    Class pictures will be taken on Thursday, Feb. 21.


    Mark your calendars for:


    Wax Museum - March 15

    Field Trip to Columbia - March 21Mark your calendars for:



    Here's what we're learning about this week:

    Math - benchmark fractions; fractions on a numberline; reviewing comparing fractions, unit fracitons, and comparing fractions 

    ReadingJump! (Story about Michael Jordan); test on Friday

    SS - Boston Tea Party; Intolerable Acts; 1st & 2nd Continental Congress; first shots of Revolutionary War

    Writing - writing with great beginnings; biographies