• Congratulations to our Student of the Week for Motivation- Michael C

    He always works hard and  is proud of his accomplishments!


    If we miss school due to weather, you will find assignments on the eLearning page (on the left) for each day that we are out. A hard copy of each day's assignment is in the back of your child's daily folder. 

    Please find our newsletter under "Class Files".





  •               Our Schedule

    8:00-8:15     Unpack, Announcements

    8:15-9:15     Calendar Math & Unit

    9:15-10:30    ELA

    10:30-11:00  Developmental Centers

    11:00-11:30  Lunch

    11:30-12:00  Recess

    12:00-1:20     Math

    1:20-1:30      Snack & Pack Up

    1:30-2:20      Related Arts

    2:20-2:30      Dismissal