• Ms. Coy and Ms. Pegram

    Welcome to Ms. Pegram's class! Ms. Coy and I are so excited to work with your child this year. 

    If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, my office hours are 10:00-11:30 and 1:00-2:30. Please email me if you have any questions.

    We have a few new things in our classroom this year that I am very excited about! I had 2 donors choose projects funded since the end of last school year. I now have a sensory corner in our classroom for my students with Autism or anyone with sensory needs. This includes a canopy net to make the space a little darker than the rest of the class as well as fidget toys, a blue and green light projecter, body socks, and a weighted blanket. I also have some more materials coming soon for all of my students. I am getting elastic bands to put around either the bottoms of their desks or chairs so they can use it to fidget with their feet while continuing to work. I also have some sensory seat cushions coming for my students with Autism to use to provide more sensory input while sitting in their chair.


    This will be our schedule this year:                                                                                     

    8:00-8:30- Morning Meeting                                                                                             

    8:30-9:30- Math Groups (3 rotations)                                                                           

    9:30-10:30- Reading Groups (3 rotations)                                                                             

    10:30-11:30- Writing Groups (3 rotations)                                                                                         

    11:30-11:55- Recess

    11:55-12:05- Restrooms

    12:05-12:35- Lunch                                                                                

    12:30-1:25- Related Arts

                          M: Library (Mrs. Butler)

                          T: Art (Mrs. Atkins)

                          W: PE (Mr. Hallman)

                          Th: Music (Mrs. Phillips)

                          F: Guidance (Mrs. Todd)

    1:25-1:30- Restrooms

    1:30-2:30- Science/Social Studies