• Robinson

    Where I am from Poem

    By: Mrs. Robinson

    I am from my husband and sons

    I am from steak, salad, and loaded mashed potatoes

    And from Sega Genesis

    I am from “In Jesus name”

    From lawnmowers and sheds

    I am from country Christmases in Florida

    I am from good smelling candles and incense

    And from Gospel music

    I am from Mom, Dad, and Tee

    I am from baked spaghetti, garlic bread and green beans

    And from Super Mario Brothers

    I am from “mind your own business”

    From old Betsy

    I am from cracking jokes with my sister

    I am from cinnamon apple and all things Bath & Body Works

    And from 90’s music

    I am from the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

    I am from Hamburger Helper

    And from Uno and Monopoly

    I am from “if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all”

    From basketball goals and Day-Z

    I am from church camp meetings, gatherings, and potlucks

    I am from Soul Food

    And from Amazing Grace