• Homeland Park began educating students during the 1954-1955 school year. The school drew students from Gluck Mills, Roberts, McLeese, Southside, and Kennedy Street Schools. In 1959, a new wing was added which included four classrooms, a book room, and two restrooms. In 1990-1991 a second combined renovation and addition was completed. In 2010-2011 a third renovation was completed along with a new wing. The new wing includes an art room, music room, Mac lab, science lab, four restrooms, and four classrooms. The 2012-2013 school year was Homeland Park's first year as Homeland Park Primary, educating students in grades K-2.

    Since Homeland Park’s opening over five decades ago, 12 principals have served the school:
    Mr. Harry Golden (1954-1970)
    Mr. Harold Burden (1970-1981)
    Mr. Jeffrey Radnor (1981-1984)Homeland Park t-shirt
    Mr. Stan Honeycutt (1984-1987)
    Mr. Lee Rawl (1987-1988) 
    Dr. Larry Knighton (1988-1993)
    Dr. Allen Adkins (1993-2000)
    Mr. Don Saxon (2000-2001)
    Mr. Mike Ruthsatz (2001-2008)
    Mr. Greg Sweet (2008-2011)
    Ms. Judy Lagerstrom (2011-2013)
    Ms. Christie Payne (2013 - 2017)
    Mr. Gary Bruhjell (2017-2022)
    Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen (2021- Present)