Glenview Crest

    Name:   Dr. Kimberly Carabo

    Email:  kimberlycarabo@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses 6th grade Social Studies





    Our class will be using Google Classroom and Google Calendar for all major class announcements and information.

    Please ask your child to show you their Google Classroom/Google Calendar.

    This year we will study Early Man, Ancient River Valleys,Greece,Rome,The Renaissance,Reformation, Early Exploration, The Americas, and African Empires.


    Class Schedule


    Time/Class Period


     7:55-8:10/Homeroom Homeroom
     8:10-8:55/1st Period Social Studies
     8:58-9:43/2nd Period Social Studies
     9:46-10:31/3rd Period Social Studies
    10:34-11:19/4th Period Studies
    11:22-12:07  Lunch
    12:10-12:55/5th Period Social Studies 
    12:58-1:43/6th Period Social Studies
    1:50-2:30/7th Period PLC
    2:40-3:10/8th Period Planning/Parent Contacts
    3:22-3:27 *Return to Bus Holding/Car Holding