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    Name:   Dr. Kimberly Carabo

    Email:  kimberlycarabo@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses 6th grade/8th grade Social Studies





    A Day Schedule B Day Schedule
    7:40-8:10 Homeroom 7:40-8:10 Homeroom
    8:10-9:44 Planning Period 8:10-9:43 6th grade Social Studies
    9:47-11:21  SC History(8th Grade) 9:47-11:21 SC History (8th Grade)
    12:10-1:44 6th grade Social Studies 12:10-1:44 6th grade Social Studies
    1:46-3:19 SC History (8th Grade) 1:47-3:19 Planning
    3:22-3:27 Announcements 3:22-3:27 Homeroom/Announcements


    Our class will be using Google Classroom and Google Calendar for all major class announcements and information.

    Please ask your child to show you their Google Classroom/Google Calendar.

    This year in 6th Grade we will study Early Man, Ancient River Valleys,Greece,Rome,The Renaissance,Reformation, Early Exploration, The Americas, and African Empires.

    This year in 8th Grade we will study SC History beginning with Settlements(Unit 1) and Colonial America (Unit 2).  We will also study the American Revolution, SC and the New National Government, Antebellum Era/Civil War, Reconstruction, Immigration, Industrialization, Progressive Era, Boom and Bust, World Wars, Prosperity and Change.

     I will use School Messenger every Friday to send out information about the upcoming week.